Goodbye 2010

December 10th, 2010

Time flies so fast! 2010 is ending so soon and another flip of a books page will begin this 2011. I can not help but thank God for 2010. It was a year full of challenges and blessings. I thank God for giving us strength in times of weakness, joy in times of sorrow and hope in times of despair. Early in January this year, a very close family friend was diagnosed with Cancer of the lung and it was already in its 4th stage. It was devastating … and we were affected emotionally. On the other hand, my mother-in-law health who is already 74 years old is better this year. Unlike in 2009 where she was hospitalized 6x… she was admitted only once due to minor tummy cramps. Life indeed is a wheel – sometimes your up and sometimes you’re down. My brother who is medical doctor finally got an item here in our place as municipal health officer while my brother who is an area manager in a tire company was left jobless just this month due to the closure of their company. There were good times and bad times in 2010 but God is good all the time.

2011 is another challenging year for us. January and February will be a busy month for us preparing for the yearly event of our church dubbed as “ True love waits”. This is an annual event spearheaded by my hubby and in cooperation with our church’s’ youth – Band of Brothers and Femmes for Jesus. The event caters the young people who are eager to learn important Biblical truth on Love, courtship and marriage. It is the passion of my hubby to reach out to the thousands of confused teens in our generation and give them a glimpse of hope and direction in their lives. To mark the 10th year celebration of this event, there will be symposia and concerts. Two schools signified their intention to celebrate the event together with their Junior and Senior Prom. My hubby and youth of our church thought it would be a great idea. Don’t you know that some of the girls are looking for cheap prom dresses as early as now? Why so early? Because prom dress prices surge up high beginning January and February. December is the best month to find the best deals. Yes, prom dresses under $100 is easy to find during Yuletide season. So go and order now!

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