Don’t end up broke this 2010 !

December 24th, 2010
Overspending is a common problem during the Christmas season because it is so easy to do since the season of giving often calls upon us to spend and spend , even when the money is not available. What is very tempting is the mark down items from mall wide sale. More and more people are buying their Christmas items on credit and increasing their level of debt.

I am not exempted fo overspending this Christmas. Although I made a choice last year not to over spend for 2010, I can not do so. Reality is that this is much easier said than done. Why? My relatives and loved-ones are expecting me to be extra generous just like what I have been doing over the years. Last night was Midnight sale in one of the biggest mall in the city and I was tempted again to hoard items to be given away for my God children and girl friends. Whew! Any instant payday loans available for me? If only payday loans online is available in our country, I would surely apply now… specially those payday loans no faxing scheme… Lol!

How about you? Did your spending went overboard? Hmmm… I hope we will not end up broke this New yYear!

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