Cheap Scrub Uniforms at Blue Sky

December 15th, 2010
I heard from the news today that Western countries like USA and UK are now back on hiring health care professionals from our country. Wow! This is a great news for thousands of unemployed nurses and care givers here in the Philippines. Filipino Nurses are one of the most respected nurses around the world . Why? Not only because we can communicate English well , hard working and resourceful but mainly because of our tender loving care . We treat our patient beyond our duty as a nurse. We lend our ears and take time to talk to them .

Filipino nurses are fashionable too! I have a friend in California who boast of her collection of nursing uniforms . I saw on facebook her burnt orange scrubs and other scrubs of different colors, prints and designs. I hope she will send me some oh her old scrubs . I am not a nurse but I know some people who purposely buy scrubs to wear it at home because of it’s comfort . I want to try it too!

I checked out some cheap scrubs uniforms online and I found Blue Sky Scrubs to be the right Online Boutique for the nurses and medical professionals. And mind you, they also sell Jackets, Shirts and Accessories too. Visit them now!

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