Cash Advance Please…

December 27th, 2010
For sure there are lots of people who suffered financial constraint this holiday season. There are lots of bargains both in the local stores and in the internet that we often times can not resist. Christmas is a time of giving gifts, attending gatherings , hosting parties. It’s also the season of going our for vacation, buying new cars, houses, appliances… etc…etc… I read from yahoo news that this coming December 31 is another Black Friday , so expect for more sales and bargain.Overspending is a given fact during the yuletide season and to be honest, I am one who was affected with it. We started our renovation with a specific work like repainting of interior and exterior walls and improvement of our Kitchen but the work turned into a domino. After repainting our walls, we decided to change our windows from Jalousie to Sliding. The original plan was to construct roofing for our garage but when the construction was finally completed we decided to install roofing along the service and washing area. Whew! We overrun our budget by 100%.Aside from having our house renovated , I have incurred other expenses like helping my brother who was laid-off from work and paying our church mission pledges . My budget for gift giving was not followed since the list of my god children and love-ones whom I should give gifts seem endless. We did a lot of travels also this month with the kids. It’s their school holiday and we took the time to bond with them by going to beach resorts and other tourist spots.How I wish easy payday loans is available here in our country. I would surely apply for fast cash advance to recoup the expenses I have spent for the month. Fast cash advance is easy to apply, as soon as you finish the application process, funds are transferred directly to your account at the same day or within 24 hours . Some agencies are able to do this operation within an hour. Wow! That swift and easy! Although the cooperative where I am a member offers cheap payday loans but the processing will take a week to process. Payslip are required to see your net income, if the balance will not reach their minimum amount required then your application will be rejected. You are also required to issue post-date check to guarantee the payment of your monthly loan.

Back to my overspending…. I promise to be more thrifty next year!

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