Prom Dress for Dale ?

November 17th, 2010

Here I am again…I’m into this dramatic me again. I could not help but imagine my daughter attending her first prom. That would be an exciting moment for both of us, me and my hubby. Especially my hubby who is also a mellow dramatic kind of a guy, he cannot wait to see our young lady wearing those vibrant dresses for the prom. I guess we would spend a lot of time looking for the best new prom dresses we could choose for our angel. She’s growing fast though she’s still in her 4th grade but how time flies fast. We could just imagine the two of us going from one store to another and choosing the best prom dress of her. It’s a bit silly but that’s what I’m thinking now.

Seeing those prom dresses and the different designs really caught my attention and my emotion as well. And my, oh my, those best selling dresses for 2011 were such beautiful. The Sherri Hill, Faviana, Hannah S., Jasz Couture and the Mori Lee Sticks and Stones collections were simply fabulous! Isn’t it great to see one of those for my daughter? I have to laugh for myself. Well, that time will come and how we would be glad to behold our dearest daughter wearing her prom dress.

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