Luxury Lingerie ?

November 29th, 2010

I seldom buy high priced lingerie for myself. I imagined it to be too self-indulgent knowing that I will never enjoy opportunities to wear it. Yes, in a world filled with domestic pressures, office deadlines and the high cost of living, lingerie seems an extravagance. The frugal me rather chose to go for discount lingerie during mall wide sale rather than buying it myself. My hubby has always wanted to buy pieces of luxury lingerie but I was the one who insist not to… Two years ago, during my birthday he gifted me a set of lingerie. Whew! I got the surprise of my life because I like the pieces he gave me. I felt dainty, delicious and fragile wearing it… It reassures my femininity, natural sexiness, and my beauty Lol! What made me laugh was his dedication to the gift that goes like this : ( excerpts only)
“ I already given you a gift of jewelry which expresses my love and devotion. With this gift of of lingerie I am expressing my pure desire” Very romantic isn’t it? Since then I began to love collecting lingerie and love to give lingerie gifts to my close girl friends. How about you? Are you allured wearing lingerie?

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