November 16th, 2010
We just finished buying our groceries when my mother-in-law spotted a lottery outlet and she smiled to me suggesting that we would buy one lottery ticket. My hubby would always discourage her to play those games of chances. But for the sake of just enjoying the evening and considering a senior citizen’s request, we can not say no to her very siling face.So we let her buy a lottery scratch card … Now what?She won P100.00, twice the amount of the ticket she bought. We had a good laugh after that. She would jokingly tell us that is she would win the lottery jackpot of more than P400 Million, then we would all have a grand vacation this coming Christmas anywhere in the World. She will buy us new car each and build us a new home in the first class subdivision in our Hotel. She would treat us all to an Asian tour plus all the shopping galore! Well, that’s my mom-in-law. She also hope to hit a lottery jackpot and help in the charity works too.Indeed, lotteries here in our place have become so popular that millions of Filipinos place their bets daily in a hope to hit the jackpot. The mega prize of P400 million plus attracted even those in higher government office to buy lottery tickets. Online lottery also hit the market like a tidal wave. In this time of need, there’s no wonder people would still place their bets hoping that Lady Luck would come knocking at the door. As of this writing, five (5) new millionaires were announced in the month of October winning major prizes from online lottery.My son asked what is the chance of our local lottery. One in a Million? Two in a Million? I said it’s one in 25 Million and he can not believe it… Lol!

For now, the winning combination of the mega lottery is just nowhere to be found. We just don’t know who will be the lucky winner. I would be sure that if handled properly and wisely, it would come a long, long way and many could benefit from it. I’m sure my mother-in-law would call us the next day for us to buy an online ticket again. If only mommy knows how to use the internet then I am surely she will be playing  on her own… then would just surprise us with her treat! hahahaha!


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