Boxing is not for Killing… Manny Pacquiao said…

November 14th, 2010
“I feel for my opponent,” Pacquiao said. “His eyes (were swollen and cut) and bloody face. I wanted the ref to look at that.”In 12th round I wasn’t looking for the knockout. My trainer said take it easy.” These were the words of Manny Pacquiao during the after fight interview. He could have knocked-out Margarito but he was submissive to his coach instruction.Whew! That was good fight, better than last Year with Clottey. Margarito said, He is a Mexican and he must fight till the end.

Talking about the fight..Margarito’s face looked like pounded several times by a Golf Club. His right eye swollen and got a slit on his left eye. Pacquiao on the 10th round asked the referee to stop the fight knowing that Margarito could no longer see. Hmmm.. talking about the fight… reminds me of Buy Life Insurance..How about you? What are you reminded of?

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