World’s Most Powerful Women

October 6th, 2010

Forbes Magazine recently published the Worlds 200 Most Powerful Women. I was shocked to see that LADY GAGA topped as number 7. She was considered more powerful than ELLEN DEGENERES ( 10), SARAH PALIN ( 16), ANGELIE JOLIE (21) and QUEEN ELIZABETH II ( 41). What do you think of the ranking? Want to know who’s the no. 1? Your guess maybe right…. CLICK THE PICTURE ABOVE TO SEE THE FULL LIST… your name maybe on it! LOL!

One Response to “World’s Most Powerful Women”

  1. gemini says:

    Gang, murag ako no.1 hhahahhahaha,,,,,,hehhehehehe,,,,,no.1 sa kusina hhhahhahahaha.

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