Wishing for Custom Made Seat Cover

October 23rd, 2010
“What’s that smell?” my mother-in-law blurted out right after entering the car. It rained hard here in our place and some areas in the city are flooded. Passing along a small road from the school where our daughter went, we didn’t notice the water rising due to the heavy rains. It’s too late when we realized we were trapped in an almost knee high flood water. I and my daughter at the back seat started to panic driving a car in a situation like that sometimes gives you the scare! What if our engine will suddenly stop? Ooohhh! That would be a big problem! But my husband just reassured us that we will be ok. It took us almost 30 minutes to get out from that flooded area packed with other vehicles lining up to pass that road.
After that incident, we noticed a damped smell on our floor mats and seat covers. Since it’s made of a leather/cotton material, the water sipped in and that gave it that awful smell. We just notice it the day after the flood when we went to my mom-in-law and she complained about the smell. Our Seat covers are affected too. The sudden outpour drenched out kids when we fetched them from school since they were not able to bring their raincoats. They just jumped in the car with their wet clothes. And that added to the smell inside our car. How I wish we had custom seat covers made of pure leatherette just like those Canvas-condura seat cover I browsed through the net. Then we would not have that awful smell my mom-in-law complained.

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