My Love Story with Math

October 2nd, 2010

I don’t really have a good command of the English words thus I can also say I am not a good writer. They say “ If you love Math – you hate English”. Maybe this is true because I love math just like I love eating, singing and malling. I just do not know why numbers fascinate me. My father is a lawyer while my mother is a Home Economics teacher. I guess Philosophy and cooking have nothing to do with Math. But still, I fall in love with numbers a long, long time ago.

When Senior High School came, I have no doubt but to take engineering course in College. I took two scholarship Exams from from Xavier University (Ateneo de Cagayan) and Mindanao State University. I passed both the exams with flying colors because 50% of the total test questions were math related.

College came , I took Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in MSU. Some people discouraged me and my parents to enroll on the course because they said it willbe difficult for me to maintain by academic scholarship. They added that Math in Engineering course were very complicated and Math Teachers were the worst among the teachers in the university. Instead of being discouraged, I was challenged with what I have heard. My first and second year was easy. Algebra and Trigonometry was so easy for me .But when calculus came in third year, I struggled a lot not only with the lessons but also with our weird instructor. I had countless of sleepless nights studying , reviewing and making templates for the subject. My fifth year came and every subject was headache. There’s that Earthquake Engineering subject , Structural Steel and research proposal for feasibility Study that made my nose bleed. Praise God, I graduated from my Bachelor Degree with am average grade of B+.

I wanted to pursue post graduate studies but I was afraid of paper works which will surely incur a lot of writings. If only the internet existed during my time , maybe I will take the risk . Today there are lots of writing services which you can ask for help like making dissertation structure. One website I knew is dissertation uk . Mind you, they can completely assist you with their twenty hours a day, Seven days a week with professional live support. So don’t be afraid with your post graduate studies. The Internet will be there for you!

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