Looking For Free Link Exchange?

October 9th, 2010
“Add my link to your site and I’ll link to your site”. This is the most common message we can see on bloggers comments and chat boxes. Agree? Every now and then bloggers request each other for backlinks. How important is link exchange to bloggers ? It is very.. very important because powerful link exchange network will give your website thousands of backlinks to boost your link popularity and search engine ranking. When I was still new in the blogosphere, I spent hours visiting sites and requesting for back links. Later, I found out that doing such is very tiring and frustrating? Why? Because some bloggers out there specially those who have higher Page Rank no longer care to add you even of you have exerted effort to add their links. Please don’t get them wrong because they saw the importance to associate only with high quality and highly relevant websites. Some association with site you do not really personally know maybe extremely detrimental .

Don’t you know that some bloggers already quarreled due to link exchange? Yes! I knew some of them. It is sad but a reality. The blogosphere is supposed to be a medium in building friendship but narrow minded people out there are impatient enough to be angry when their site are not added immediately. This is the reason why I stopped doing it a month after I created my site. Thanks to Mommy Paula for her bright idea in making BC Bloggers. You truly helped a lot of bloggers.

Anyway, do you really want to have free link exchange? There are lots of directories which offers free service but please research first it’s authenticity before submitting your URL. As there are reliable sites , there are also unscrupulous sites out there who are just trying to extract your personal data. So beware!

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