Girls Talk : Funny Books

October 14th, 2010
Last week we were done crying with our sad….sad… story books. Mine was “A Walk to remember”. This week is the other way around. Let’s all laugh our heart out with funny books. You must have ” YOU KNOW YOU’RE A FILIPINO IF…..” it’s a “Pinoy Primer” selected and edited by Neni Sta. Romana-Cruz. These are funny and heartwarming traits Filipinos are known for, wherever they are in the world.

Examples :

1. We cover our nose with hankerchief even if the vehicle is air-conditioned
2. We have relatives whose nicknames consist of repeated syllables, such as Ping-ping, Jun-jun and Long-long.
3. We decorate our living room wall with family’s framed diplomas, certificates and plaques.
4. We demand that our children to sing and dance such as to amuse our friends and relatives.
5. We are related to everyone… we call anyone lolo, lola, tita, tito even Mommy, Daddy… without blood relation..

The list goes on and on… Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

13 Responses to “Girls Talk : Funny Books”

  1. Rossel says:

    funny yet heartwarming traits. hindi ko pa nabasa ito, sis. thanks for sharing!

    mine is posted here. have a great day!

  2. Leah says:

    Tehehe! I've never read this one. Though I remember my friend having this book. Mahiram ko nga yun..

    Based on your "examples".. parang ang saya nga. Thanks for sharing this..

    Have a great Thursday!!

    Here's mine..

  3. Miranda says:

    I've seen this book around; I've never read it but I've seen some excerpts – and yes, I am convinced it's funny 😀 We pinoys can really poke fun at ourselves and those peculiar things we do.

    Here are my books:

  4. f e R r y j H o i says:

    wahh!!! indeed funny Sis!! examples mo palang… panalo nah!! I must have it nga!!!

    >> Happy GT ^_^

  5. Jenn says:

    Naku… pinoy na pinoy ako kung ganon, lahat ng nasa list, guilty ako (or kami as a family). Natawa ako dun sa number 1. 🙂

    My GT post is up HERE.

  6. Gilay says:

    Tama… nkakatuwa nga ito, nakita ko 'to sa bookstore and i take a glimpse on it… at nagmukha akong tanga kakanginti ng walng kasama… ahhahaah

  7. Kayce says:

    so nice! ill try to buy pud ani nga book… hehehe!

  8. darly says:

    hahaha, as they say "onli in da pilipins"…. Im a certified Pinoy then!

    here's my entry in GT, hope you'd visit it too:

  9. zoan says:

    hindi ko pa nabasa to, i will definitely try to look for this book at nbs when i will visit cdo ehehe

  10. claire says:

    hmm.. sounds funny nga, thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  11. Mel Cole says:

    hahaha, ibang klase ang libro na yan. Parang gusto ko siya 🙂

  12. Earth says:

    hmmm.. sounds really interesting. i think i'd like this one..

  13. K says:

    i've read excerpts of this but haven't had the chance to read the whole primer. i will try to secure a copy because i would love to read its entirety!

    sorry for the late visit (bad host! LOL). thanks for joining GT!

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