Fuerza de San Pedro in Cebu City

October 8th, 2010

This shot was taken at Fuerza de San Pedro, Cebu City.

The smallest, oldest triangular bastion fort in the country was built in 1738 to repel Muslim raiders. In turn, it served as a stronghold for Filipino revolutionaries near the end of the 19’th Century. This served as the nucleus of the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines. More of Fuerza de San Pedro at Wikipedia.

2 Responses to “Fuerza de San Pedro in Cebu City”

  1. Noypi says:

    Pagkanindot jud sa Cebu. Gusto ko mubalik didto.

    Noypi here

  2. 'Tsuki says:

    Nice catch on those sun ray… They do embellish so much this austere doorway…

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