Fear of Driving Vehicle

October 12th, 2010

STOP! GO ! BREAK! CLUTCH! GEAR! These were the words I repeatedly heard last week during my driving lesson. No! I didn’t enroll myself in a formal driving school . I do not like being taught by a male diver. It was my hubby who taught me to drive. For a long long time he wanted me to learn how to drive but I just do not have the guts to do it. I am really afraid to go out and face the heavy traffic and the unruly drivers in our city. If only our roads are wide with 4 lanes like those in the US, then I would gamble myself to bring our car out in the highway. You might wonder, what’s there to be afraid of? I nearly hit a child crossing a narrow road 10 years ago while practice driving . That experience frightened me so much that I promised not to drive a vehicle again.

One Response to “Fear of Driving Vehicle”

  1. Female Stuff says:

    I can understand your feeling 🙂
    I learned to drive a few months a go with fear in my mind. I passed the test though and got my driving license now. But still don't have guts to drive my own car. LoL.
    But I must try harder this month, my daughter will be in playgroup in next few months and she rely on me to accompany her to school 😀

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