Coupons Collector

October 21st, 2010
I enjoy collecting discount and loyalty cards… I have lots of them in my purse. How about coupons? Got a handful from fast foods, sports shop and saloon…Lol! Believe me I have already claimed various freebies out from this cards and coupons for ten years now !

In America, Coupons can be found everywhere! Almost all large grocery store chains there have web sites and many times include coupons. I have visited one site last night and found aj madison coupons that offers 30% discounts from its regular items. Wow! Indeed we can save a lot from using coupons. How about you? Are you fun of collecting coupons?

One Response to “Coupons Collector”

  1. Kayce says:

    aha! mahilig diay ka mag collect ana ate ha… hehehe!

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