Would you tell your Secret?

September 20th, 2010
It’s been at least a decade since I watch Miss Universe. The last time I watched was when Charlene Gonzales was included in the Finalist with her innocent remarked “ High tide or Low Tide?” when asked How many Island are there in the Philippines.

I was in a cooperative office when the 2010 Miss Univer Ms. Venuse was aired and timely for the question and answer portion. Ms. Venus Raj , throughout the pageant had a big chance. Her scores were relatively high. She was the favorite contestant on an online survey. I knew she could take the crown until of course the infamous, mind-boggling question of Mr. William Baldwin. “What is your biggest in mistake in your life and how were you able to solve it

I know she have been ridiculed with her “major..major…” answer but we should be proud that she answered it with out translation services not like the other Miss Unverse contestants that we have witnessed. .. It’s a question with gray areas. It’s not a question that could be answered by a yes or no but a preferential question and personal one. If ever there was a mistake, would I be confident enough to share it?

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