Wild Blue Internet Service Provider

September 8th, 2010
I am tired with my snail paced internet connection. I really regret stopping my wireless connection and replaced it with a plug-it type. Our electric power was surging high because of the usage of our PC . so I thought of changing it to USB so we can use it anywhere with our laptop. In this way we can maximize the mobility and electricity. I didn’t realize that our house is located at the foot of a hill thus getting a faster speed is impossible. Our wireless connection could provide us minimum average of 800 kps while our USB connection can only get as high as 50 kps!

How I wish we have satelite internet provider here in our city like that of Mybluedish.com.WildBlue is the newest internet provider in the US and the least expensive. As per the Wild Blue plan, it will cost you less money per month and less money up front for equipment and installation. Total cost for the first year of the basic Wild Blue Service is near 70% that of the total cost of similar digital satellite internet providers . Visit their site now.

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