Sad Experience with Astoria Hotel

September 14th, 2010

What will you feel when you received an invitation for a dinner , dressed at your best and excitedly anticipating the rest of the evening to be something that is memorable…. but when you are finally at the door step , you will be stopped and required to show a text confirming the invitation? Would you be happy? Freaking Happy?

That’s what happened to us during our vacation in Boracay. We were given 2 tickets for a Free Dinner at Astoria hotel while we were at D’mall shopping. They asked me where we stayed and was happy to know that we were accommodated at La Carmela Hotel. Astoria and La Carmela are both endorsed by a very popular celebrity.

So we went to the place but was not allowed to enter the restaurant area because the invitation need to be backed-up with a text message. The staff told us that it is their marketing strategy for people to know their newly opened hotel. Out of anger I told them that what they are doing is unprofessional , unethical and bogus. Instead of helping their hotel to gain popularity, they are giving it a bad image. I asked for the person who gave us the invitation and they told us that he’s off duty.

I surfed the net about this hotel and found out that there are countless of complaints regarding their marketing strategy. I suggest they get an Internet Marketing Company instead to improve their sales and popularity!

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