On Cell phones

September 11th, 2010

My hubby finally was able to buy the cellular phone he longed desired. For 6 months he has been waiting for this model to be out in the local market and at last he finally got it. He’s an avid fan of this cellular maker that even when he was still single ( that was 15 years ago) all his units where from this Europe based cell phone maker. The cellphone is a little bit pricy but it is filled with features. My little girl was happy that his favorite game backgammon was among the games installed in the unit. I do not know how to play backgammon but my kids are master of it. They love to play it on our family computer.

Anyway, I am happy that my hubby finally found his mate. Now, I can inherit his old one. Some people really are gadgets fanatics but I am not. I am even contented with my basic phone. No Mp3 and no camera. Just plainly text and call. My kid’s cell phone are more advance that mind. How about you? IS your cellular phone costly?What’s the model?Are you a gadget fanatic?

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