No to Car Loans

September 18th, 2010

Lately my hubby is busy looking for used or second hand vehicle either online or at the local car dealers. Although our sedan is still doing great and we do not have problem with its maintenance cost, he said that 5 years is enough and it’s time to get a higher-end vehicle. Some banks are offering us with a financial scheme that are tempting . Four percent per year is so low but my hubby do not want to be tied with bank loans. He wanted to buy in cash so we will have a peace of mind.

We found our desired model already but the problem is the unit is located in Metro Manila. We still need to go there and bring our mechanic to see if the vehicle is in A-1 condition. Thecar shipping would be another cost to consider, so we decided to wait a little longer for the best deal to come. I pray before the year ends, we will be able to get the perfect vehicle for us.

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