No Telephone Line

September 9th, 2010

To be honest we do not have telephone line in our home. Why? Because when we transfer residency in 1995 at our subdivision, it was still unreachable by the two existing telephone company in our city. Our location is a little bit far from the heart of the city and among the 4 existing subdivision, ours is at the inner part. When the time came for the telephone lines to be available, we were late in submitting our application.

My sister-in-law in California asked if VoIP Phone service is already available in our city since in the US almost all residents have this phone service because it is very affordable. Rate for calling overseas are even lower that cellular local calls. I knew a local telephone company who provide VOIP phone service but the installation fee and phone unit is so expensive. I told Genelie it would be impractical for us to avail it since we will be calling only her. The features will not be maximized. What do you think?

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