My Stock Share Made Money!

September 25th, 2010

Ten years ago while I was still employed in one of the top Real Estate and Mining Company in the Philippines, I invested in buying share from their stock. I have a high paying job as the Project Monitoring and Costing Engineer, so buying 300 share was not hard specially that payment was done in terms and through payroll deduction. I did it out of curiosity and to learn how the stock market runs.

Two weeks ago, I received a package containing the Annual Financial Report of the Company , an invitation to attend the stock holder’s meeting and a pay check of the dividend of my share( As shown above) .Wow! I never thought my share would earn me a sufficient amount of money. No! It’s not as big as what you’re thinking but it tripled the investment I made 10 years ago.

Now I am thinking of investing the money from my share? How about gold bullion ? Lol! Joke! If only I have the resources, I would surely invest some for it.

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