My one year in the making College Thesis

September 25th, 2010

Writing thesis for my college days was so difficult and costly. Twenty years ago the internet does not exist yet. Student’s resources were limited to books, personal interviews from people expert on the subject , consultation with fellow students and referrals from other thesis examples. Why costly? Because encoding and printing services during my time was so expensive. Computers were costly thus only printing press have them.

My Feasibility Study during my fifth year in Civil Engineering work was a great challenge. I can boast with my math skills but never on my English. Although my thesis topic was more on computation, 25 % of it were write-ups. My FS was about making a 2 hectare high class subdivision complete with parks and other amenities. I thought my feasibility study was the easiest one among my classmates but I was wrong. Making bridges, dams and other structures were a lot easier than making subdivision. Why? Because my FS involves pre-engineering documentation works like acquiring permit from the Home and Lot regulatory board, Lot assessment and titling and other works which involved other government agencies. Then there’s the Geodetic works like topographic survey and lot subdivision. I have a hard time lay-outing the drainage, sewer and water lines since my proposed location was on a mountain side . I went out to the area to inspect the existing source of water and the possible site to connect the drainage line. How I wish my thesis was a low cost housing, it wouldn’t complicated my work. The underground electrical system was a head ache so I just change it to the convention. I need not state here what were the other mind-bogging items but just imagine this – while my classmate was able to submit their thesis in 3 months time…. I was able to finish mine in 10 months time. I was burning midnight candles with my pencil, paper, eraser and calculator.

This generation is vey much fortunate with the advent of internet and computers. While I was searching down the aisle of our old city library looking for an engineering book before… now students can have the answers to their question in one click of a mouse in front of a laptop. To make the work a lot easier, there are thesis writing services available online were orders are delivered before your given deadline. Where they have a customer tailored approach with money-back guarantee.

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