My Mom’s Grandfather’s Clock

September 3rd, 2010

Arts and Music are inseparable. If a person love music … it follows that she’s a lover of art also. My mom is not an exception. She’s a musician and an artist too. She plays the Piano, Violin, Harmonica, Guitar and even Cielo. She’s an artist also, she paints ( oil, pastel, water color and acrylic) and love to collect pieces of art from the smallest to the biggest. If you happen to be at her house, you will enjoy looking at her painting and art crafts. Her latest collection was a contemporary howard miller clock…. It’s big but just proportion to her big house too. Above is me and my little girl with moms grand father’s clock at the background.

How I wish I will own a grandfather clock someday . Do you wish to have one ? Then visit They have everyday lowest price . They offer free shipping and free set-up. They have a wide selection of type and maker. So visit their site now!

One Response to “My Mom’s Grandfather’s Clock”

  1. Dhemz says:

    ay pagka sosyalan sa imong mother te…richy rich man kau mo woi…eehehehe!

    agi ko dire kadali….:)

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