Minnie Mouse Fan

September 11th, 2010

Above is the work of art my hubby gifted me during my birthday. He loves to paint and draw for me. Our house is filled with his exhibits like water color and charcoal paint. Last July during my birthday he painted a portrait of me using charcoal.

Anyway, back to the above drawing… Why Minnie mouse? Because it was my favorite Disney Character while I am still pregnant with my second child. There was a series in 1997 featuring Minnie and Mickey mouse and I really do not know why I am very fascinated with Minnie Mouse that time. I even asked my hubby to look for a Minnie Mouse Costumes for our Office Christmas costume party but unluckily he was not able to find one for the preggy me.A month after I gave to my baby girl, my love for the Minnie and Mickey Mouse show faded away. Have you experienced like that while being pregnant?

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