I am Sorry Son

September 15th, 2010
It’s my fault! I let my son use “ Blue Miracle” for his pimples. I thought the powerful cleaning agent will virtually clear out his annoying pimples . The liquid worked for my white heads so I thought it will work the same for him.

What shall I do now? My son started to feel insecure and less confident with himself. Before this will result in severe acne problem, what acne-pills can you recommend?

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  1. Ricsan Mae says:

    hi te! it depends actually on what type of skin he has..
    if he's the oily type, then i recommend celeteque. it's hypo-allergenic. alcohol free pa jud ang toner niya.. it's for girls actually, but it works for men too..
    and for capsules, i recommend transfer factor capsules.. it's really effective..however it costs a bit expensive..i think it's 40 per capsule..but im sure it won't let you down..

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