Hairstyle for the Wedding

September 9th, 2010
The rehearsal of the wedding I am coordinating went well yesterday. The groom got nervous already and made some mistakes during the exchange of vows . Why is it that during wedding ceremony it is the groom that is oftentimes nervous? During our wedding, my hubby was so tensed that he expressed the giving of ring in advance while the rings were still at the ring bearer… Lol! I hope groom will not be too emotional and will be able to finish his song during the bridal march.

Everyone is so excited for tomorrow’s wedding ceremony specially my little girl who’s one of the flower girls. She wanted her long hair to be curly. She even shown me her Total Girl Magazine featuring the curly hair of Myle Cyrus. I was pressured by my girl’s request so I browse the internet for the latest hair style. I found one at Temecula Salon. How I wish I can avail their Brazilian Blowout!

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  1. MaxiVelasco says:

    Hello Gracia! There's something missin' in this post… where's your pic on the wedding? *cheers!*

    How are you doing? Hope all is well.


    Maxi of:
    Ovah' Coffee
    The Pastime Shelf

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