Getting ready for BHCCCI 24th Anniversary!

September 1st, 2010
Three days more to go before our most awaited event – the Blessed Hope Christian Community Church International 24th Anniversary and Thanksgiving Celebration. Everyone is excited… some brethren even filed a leave of absence just to volunteer themselves to various activities like the stage decoration and surroundings beautification. The committee on Blessed Hope got talent are already busy putting up their props and dressing rooms. My heart went pounding yesterday as Engr. Erich Abad put up and tried the new sound system. It’s clear and very crisp . Wow! Praise the Lord.

Awhile ago, the caterer and I discussed the lay-out for the food distribution – the packed and the buffet dinner. This is a great challenge for us to implement an orderly system for the Thanksgiving program, the dinner and the variety show. Seven Hundred ( 700) people will surely crowd our 600 sq.m. sanctuary.

This Saturday will be our general cleaning and as early as tomorrow our utility will buy all the Janitorial Supplies and Cleaning Supplies for the big event. We even hired two janitors to maintain the cleanliness of the comfort rooms and the surroundings. We believe even our utilities need a break this time and must concentrate in celebrating the big event. Please pray for a good weather and no power interruption on that day!

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  1. Kayce says:

    WOW! daghan diay kaayo mo visitors ana ate… hehehe! nag leave diay ko ug message sa imo sa FB ate.. hope you can read it… thanks! God bless!

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