BHCCCI Silver Anniversary

September 23rd, 2010
Our Church 25th Silver Anniversary preparations are in full swing already. We are planning to do upgrades on our Sound system (a centralized audio set, a complete package of mixers and amplifiers), Musical intrument (we’re buying a new set of drums and percussions and guitars), curtains for the main sanctuary, additional toilet and bathrooms, computer sets and office furnishings.
I handled all the secretarial works and oversights all church communications too. Receiving visitors and guests in our office is quite often and we are planning to buy new sets of office furniture cabinets for the conference room and the pastoral office. This is part of our preparation for next year’s Silver anniversary. I am also excited to see new office furnishing since I am proud of my work too and seeing a well arranged, elegant leather office chairs can surely make my work refreshing.

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