Looking for cheap accomodation? Go for Bed and Breakfast

September 21st, 2010
Whenever hubby and I are on a travel specially to metropolitan cities, we don’t stay on lavish hotels considering that most of our time will be spent on malling and other adventures. When we were in Bohol for a tour we stayed on a Bed and Breakfast Hotel since we were informed by our tour guide that we should be out as early as 7am and be back late for a river cruise at Loboc. We did the same during our Metro Manila and metro Cebu vacations. Some exceptions were our Boracay Island and Tagaytay Vacation where most of our time were spent inside the resort , thus we need to book a first class hotel complete with amenities.

Have you heard of B&B in Manchester in UK? A missionary friend who married a British and now based in Manchester oftentimes hold their seminars and conference at the place. Not only because of it’s cheaper price but because Luther King House is noted for its peaceful , secluded setting and very friendly atmosphere. It’s a place worth the value for your money

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