Amicable Settlement with our Caretaker

September 18th, 2010
The Department of Agrarian Reform oftentimes is plagued with complaints either from Land Owners or Land Tenants. I have lots of friends working the the government agency and they told me that number of complaints increases on a daily basis. The March Group Complaints … of the Sumilao Farmers was one of the most controversial case that reached the supreme court. It gained the attention of Print and TV Media.

Our lot in the same municipality faces the same problem. One of our 6 caretakers refused to sign the agreement we have verbally agreed. After my mom died, we told the caretakers that the hand written note of my mom allowing them to cultivate some non –arable areas were already null and void. So we made another agreement in consonance with the “Last Will and Testament” our mom left us . I hope when we will meet at the Barangay Chairman’s office next month, she will be compelled to sign our agreement, or else we will bring the matter to court. Praying their minds would be enlightened.

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