2011 is just around the corner!

September 18th, 2010

Rain! Rain! Go away! I suppose to go for a dinner with my batch mates tonight and suddenly thunder storms, lightning and heavy rains greeted me outside the house. I changed my mind, I rather stay home and watch my favorite show than going out in the rain . I have just recovered from cough and colds . I can not afford to be sick again. Ahhh… rainy season is here . Got to get those jackets, boots and warmers out of the closets since the wet season will surely continue until the year ends.

Talking about year end, 2011 will unfold three months from now . Are you ready with your 2011 calendars ? Me? I am getting ready since I am on the process of scheduling the year round activity of our church. How about you? Do you have one already?

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