Traveling is Addictive

August 2nd, 2010

Hubby and I found a new hobby …. an expensive yet very rewarding one. Guess What? It’s traveling or having vacations. Yes! We love going to different places. Seeing it’s tourist spots, eating their delicacies and learning their culture excites us. For this year, we have been to different places in the country. Last March, right after the end of the class, we went to Plantation Bay Resort in Cebu City. We spent Holy Week camping in Central Mindanao University in Bukidnon.May was spent with short distance travel to beaches, cold springs and other tourist spots in the neiboring towns.

Two weeks ago was the most memorable vacation we had.I spent my birthday with a four day stay in a 4 star hotel at the Jewel tourist spot of the Philippines – Boracay Island. Our four day stay is not enough with the fun filled activities the Island offered. We did Parachuting, Helmet Diving, Reef Walking and Island hopping. No wonder it is considered the most sought beach destination in Asia .

The hotels and great restaurants too! I felt in-love with the villas adjacent our hotel. The design looks like villas in turkey. Hmmm… I hope to stay there in our next visit!

2 Responses to “Traveling is Addictive”

  1. Kayce says:

    ako ayha lang ko ma addict ate pag naa ko daghan money para itravel.. nyahahaha!

  2. burn says:

    You are blessed sis that you have the same interest with your husband. Traveling is addictive jud. Most especially if you have the money. If we have lng pud ug money, I will always do the same thing you did.hehehe

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