I need a Medicare Partner

August 19th, 2010
Accidents can happen in a split second. Last Monday my hubby got a minor injury while using his bike. He went to a nearby drugstore to buy eye drop for my son. Racing against the coming rain, he applied both the front and the back brakes as he neared our gate. He lost his balance and toppled sideways . Sensing the danger of falling into the open canal, he pulled the bike sideways and made an awkward leg split that resulted into a hamstring injury. He was limping painfully upon entering the house. My hubby is a funny guy, I thought he was just joking. It was only when I saw his leg swelling that I realized he was injured.

I called my brother who is a medical doctor… but he couldn’t be reached. Thanks to the internet.. I applied RICE – Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate. Thank God the swelling was gone today.

I realized accidents really are inevitable. I hope I can get a medical Insurance like Medicare part D plans of allsup.com. With a Medicare partner, I can have peace of mind and financial fall back in times of needs

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