Davao City’s China Town

August 13th, 2010
I am here currently in Davao City for a business trip but the shopaholic in me can not resist going to the malls. Davao is famous not only with their Durian fruit but also with Ready-to-wear bargains. Yesterday, my business transaction was finished early so I proceeded directly to the china town 5 blocks away . I didn’t take the public ride but instead walk down the long strip of Magsaysay road.

Wow! I was amazed to see the various Ready-to-wear items in China Town’s 168 and 668..It felt like I am in Divisoria, Manila. I went around each stalls and found the items I have been longing to buy for my children . Thank God I found mens suits perfect for my hubby. The price? I got them at wholesale price. I was tempted to buy more and sell it in our place but the problem was my flight is go-lite . I am only allowed hand-carry baggage . Maybe I’ll the bus next time.

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  1. Ria Jose says:

    We do have a really great Chinatown here in Davao. 🙂

    Clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and even home and kitchen ware at very low prices.

    Come back really soon! 🙂

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