A home at Wilmington, NC.

August 17th, 2010
NEW YORK CITY – The city that never sleeps! It’s one of the most sought destinations in the world… But don’t you know that some people do not like to have permanent residency in the city? I have known many friends who work there and eventually transferred residency after a year or two. Why? There top most reason is the high cost of living. They said, they pay top dollar for pretty much everything, whether it’s the cost of food, clothing, transportation, going to clubs, paying rent or buying a home. Second is, the city is over-crowded. There is no place to hide and be yourself because you are bombarded by the energy of thousands of people around you.
This is the reason why they transferred to North carolina. A place away from the hassle and bustle of City Life. Thanks to a friend at realty.. looking for houses for sale in Wilmington NC was made easy. I chatted with the couple last week and they were very happy to finally have a house of their own. I googgled Wilmington, North Carolina today and with the river and the beachers… is a far better place to live that New York City.

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