A Healthy Person

August 9th, 2010
Whew! I am not still finish helping my kids with their periodical projects which are due tomorrow. As much as I wanted to finish these a week ago, I was not able to do it since my girl was sick and my son who is in high school got lots of projects to complete too!Now, I am dashing through various research and printing works. Awhile ago, I was searching online for a picture of a healthy person for their Physical Education subject. I thought of a picture of a man with a contou abs but when my husband saw it ..he said that it is not the right picture to submit for a 4th grade project.Ooooppsss, I was rebuked! So what I did was to print a picture of my hubby biking, another when we were parachuting and diving in Boracay. I guess, they are perfect pictures of a healthy person doing extreme adventure. What do you think?

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