Car Wash!

August 10th, 2010
First time in history, I was able to do our car washing early this morning! My hubby is out for his biking exercise and out of the bloom, the thought of surprising him with me washing the car popped-up my mind. Our house help was also out for her alternative learning system class . So I was alone battling against the mud and the dust.

I can stand cleaning the exterior part of the car , with the chamois and the water hose as my partners it’s so easy to wash off the dirt . The inside of the car is a great struggle. Whew! As if I am cleaning a cargo mat from the dirt accumulated underneath our car floor mat. Yah! I finished my work with sniffing… my sinusitis suffered! Now, I promised not to do it again. I rather send it to a car wash than doing the cleaning personally. It’s not worth the amount I have saved. Have you tried cleaning your car yourself?

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