Your ideal Summer ride

July 15th, 2010
Summer is in the air. Not in the Philippines of course but in the United States and some other parts of its neighboring countries. One thing is certain when we talk about summer; FUN is usually the word of the season! Outdoor activities are in the list. The family is busy packing the bags. Travels are part of the itinerary. And one thing is for sure regarding the latter, travelling equals camping as well!
The last time I went camping is when we had our family camp last April. And yes it was a sizzling summer here in the Philippines! Our camp was held in this school somewhere in Musuan, Malaybalay Bukidnon. And yes, travelling was one basic part to go there. And it isn’t a 30-minute voyage but a 3-4 hour travel! We were the advance team assigned to go their first to prepare the place so we had no choice but to take the bus. Then I suddenly had this thought in mind. But I think it was more of a dream, and a desire. That someday our church will have its own recreation vehicles (RV) so that wherever we go (especially in missions) we would worry no more of fares and other related finances (except the gas of course!). Aside from that, we would be relaxed and enjoy the journey more with the amenities found in RV’s. Hmmm, I know that it cannot be done right this minute, but hey, maybe in that process, we could start experiencing that by having rv rentals. Well, at least there’s experience and maybe someday we then could own one! Nothing is impossible!

Aahhhh. Looking forward to that moment. Dream, but dream big!

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