Sleeping Confortably

July 12th, 2010

We all looked forward to joining again the Leaders’ bonding next year. We see to it that everyone in the team (pastoral staff, elders, deacons, department heads) together with their family can all join this yearly activity. We not only discuss important matters that pertains to the church’s function and its impact to our society, but also have an evaluation on on-going programs and project and things that needed to be improved. While the core leaders meet and discuss, the kids with some of their friends enjoy other activities such as swimming, going to the kid’s area for fun and games.

We usually travel in convoy and by family. One thing we made sure is to have a comfortable place to sleep so we could fully enjoy our stay. My sister-in-law introduced me to inflatable bed twin during our summer vacation at their place the kids simple love it. There’s that different feeling of comfort and security when you sleep. So decided to visit the local department store and bought one for the leaders’ bonding. I should thank my hubby for being supportive on this. The children just did have the time of their lives with all the fun and time at the pool. They also have the sleep of their lives too using the inflatable bed twin. Not only them, us too!

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