Stretch Marks

July 15th, 2010
Thank you so much to every one who responded to my call for sponsorship for my blog Birthday Contest. As much as I wanted to thank you all by visiting your blog, I can not do so since my new USB type internet connection is so slow. Aside from that, I can not do my rounds tomorrow due to the two-day John Maxwell “Train the Trainers Seminar”.

Whew! I guess this would be a busy week-end for me. Got to pack our things for my Birthday Boracay Get-away. Oh my! I have to buy new swim wear . My hubby challenged me to wear a 2-piece swim suit but I guess I can not dare wearing it. I have to buy a Scar removal first before I could show some flesh.Both of my kids were born through Cesarean section… so just imagine those stretch marks. I have tried a scar removal one month after giving birth, but believe me I spent a thousand pesos for that cream but it didn’t work. That was 14 years ago…. I guess these marks will no longer disappear. I should live with in. Lol!

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