The Risk of Business

July 3rd, 2010
Getting into a business is always risky … but the risk can be lessened if Feasibility Study is conducted first . This is what happened to my brother’s Pharmacy in our place. Last year they transferred residency from Butuan city to Cagayan de Oro city. In haste , they opened a Pharmacy and a clinic in our subdivision. I told them that there are already two established pharmacy in the commercial area in our place and that opening another would be a great challenge to them.They took the risk and true to my prediction, the pharmacy did not went well and now they are closing it. I am sad …. for the effort and for the big investment they poured out for the business. To help them , I volunteered to look for buyers of their furniture,equipment and stocks. Thank God, a friend volunteered to buy their receipt printer ,tables and chairs. I hope and pray we could look for buyers for the remaining equipment and stocks. This is a lesson learned for us all!

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