Nasty Experiences with Xenical Orlistat

July 3rd, 2010
Have you heard about alli diet pill? The name does not sound familiar here in our country but it is the same as our famous Xenical Orlistat over the counter diet pill. I haven’t tried it but I have lots of friends ( male and female) who in desperation to loss weight invested considerable amount of money but were left overweight as they ever were.

My friends complained about bloating, leakage, diarrhea, gas pain , sudden defecation and lots of nasty side effects. The pill looks desirable from the print and TV advertisement but please do not be deceived. There is no better way of losing weight by proper diet and exercise.

One Response to “Nasty Experiences with Xenical Orlistat”

  1. Kayce says:

    waaaaaaaah! wala diay nay ayo ang xenical… mao jud ate grace, exercise ug diet rajud ang tambal aning tambok… hahahavirit

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