Ink all you can for BHCCCI Silver Anniversary

July 9th, 2010

There we go again. This is our moment, I mean our moment to be busy again. We have doing the first phase of our preparation for our Church’s 25th year Anniversary and Thanksgiving. We are expecting a different celebration this time since our daughter churches in the U.S, U.K, Japan, and the local churches in the whole of the Philippines will grace the big event next year. As of this moment, files and printing works are piling up and I have to double time my effort to cope up with the program designs, budget allocations for each event committee, and reports for the Pastoral staff. Wheeewww!

With these loads of work, me and my faithful computer and printer will have to spend a lot of time together. Speaking of the printing jobs just for this very important activity of our church, I have to make it sure that I have an ample supply of ink for my printer. I don’t want to panic again having to stop my work due to ink shortage. A friend of mine suggested that I would opt for a compatible cheap ink for my printer to save more on printing cost and at the same time have an ample supply of it. And I don’t have to panic anymore.

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