Fire Ants marching in thousands!

July 8th, 2010
It’s raining for weeks now in our place. At last no more electric power shut-downs since their will be sufficient water for our hydro-electric plant. It’s good for everyone but not for us. Why? Ants are taking refuge in our house. They are not marching one by one but they are flooding in by the thousands. . They are almost everywhere – in our bedrooms, kitchen, living room and mine you ! Even in our bathroom!
Are we really this sweet that they are building an empire in our abode? I have done my best, I showered them with hot boiling water, put ant strips around their place and burned their nest but it seem fire ant life cycle is too strong . They clear out temporarily but come back right away. My little girl evacuated already in our room since some ants are so offensive that they have started crawling in her bed.

I hope the bait treatment and worm casting I have researched online would work. This Saturday, we will have a general clean-up and I hope we will completely drive them away from home. Do you have other secret treatment to share? Please help me.

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