A Card that builds Friendship!

July 18th, 2010

Going away for a week-long Missions’ conference in Hong Kong, my hubby was just equally as excited as me for this trip. We have prepared everything he’s going to bring even a picture album in case he’ll experience homesickness…LOL! yes it’s true! Aside from his personal stuffs, we pretty made it sure that along his notes, camera and other belongings, he must not forget to bring this tiny piece of paper, his personal business cards. Indeed this is very important since he will be attending a Cell Church Missions Network conference attended by more than 500 delegates from 23 countries.

Reading from their invitation, the participants are encouraged to make friends, form accountability groups, create a network with the other delegates in order to form a bond, a partnership in mission. Sharing important ideas and mission strategies was one of the highlights of that conference. Delegates were also given time to talk, exchange ideas, methods and build friendships that until today my continue to have. And one major thing that played a crucial role for him to have contacts with fellow delegates and friends was his…you’re right in guessing it, his business card. Sometimes, building bridges of friendship may even start from a tiny piece of paper. Sort of a miracle to me.

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  1. Kayce says:

    wow grabe ayahay ba kaayo ninyo ate grace oi! gikan sa boracay muadto napud mo sa hongkong! wow Praise God for that opportunities! Stay Blessed

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