July 5th, 2010

They call it bling-bling or simply bling. It was popularized in Hip-Hop culture, referring to those flashy or elaborate jewelry worn by rappers. Yes, indeed Hip-Hop jewelries is now becoming a common site. The unique, bold, and uncompromising designs make it an instant hit among the young and old alike, the fashion craze, the black american Hip-Hop and to anybody who just embrace this culture. The word “bling” spread beyond hip-hop culture into mass culture. It was even added to the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary andthe Miriam Webster! Companies such as Sprint and Cadillac have used the word bling in their advertisements. WOW!

Other countries who welcome the western culture followed the Hip-Hop fashion industry and introduced it to the populace, and again it’s becoming a fad. From the streets of Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines to cities in South Africa, and London, you can just see the emergence of Hip-Hop culture with a number of following. Just try to visit and you will be dazzled by the different jewelry designs they offer. From the men’s Hip-Hop jewelry to the women’s jewelry, Gucci watch, diamond rings, earrings, bracelets and many, many more.

You will know that the influence of the bling goes beyond the ordinary and now to even the celebrities. Just look at those popular Hip-Hop superstars like: Snoopy Dog, DMZ, Lil’ Wayne, Puff Daddy, Biggie Smalls, Public Enemy, Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, Beastie Boys, 2pac, Jay Z to name a few and you will see those danggling bling bling on them. Look at those fabulous jewelries at and you will be mesmerized by its beauty! For the men’s hip-hop jewelry, The Invisible XL Cross is one of my favorites. And here are others too: Shogun Chain, Diamond baseball glove, The NYC Bracelet sure packs a lot of exquisiteness and elegance. Don’t waste your time just reading this write up. Visit today and see for yourself or even order one!

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