Who Needs Data Recovery?

June 7th, 2010
Based on study 1 in 10 computer computers have their hard drives fail each year resulting to loss of important files such as emails, digital photos, legal and financial documents.

It happened to me last year and it cost me some sleepless nights scanning and encoding back the documents. One week before our Leader’s Summit, my office computer hard disk was corrupted. I hired an IT expert to revive all the documents but to my dismay even a single file was not recovered. The viruses of UBS’s plugged- in to my computer accumulated causing the hard drive to crash. It was so stressful computing back the financial statement for the whole year. Worst, I presented a report with lots of clerical error due to my rush outputs.

Because of that incident, I added a data recovery blog on my blog list . The site helped me a lot when it comes to computer hard ware and soft ware technicalities. Just recently , I have learned the two types of data recovery the “in-place” and “read-only” recovery.

The in-place recovery is the attempt to fix the errors and bring the file system to the consistent state. This is done by changing the damaged file system itself. The read-only recovery, as the name implies, does not change the damaged file system. Instead, the data is extracted and copied to the separate dedicated storage.

Do you need data recovery?

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  1. seth says:

    thanks for sharing the information about that…my laptop crashed just a few months ago but, I was lucky enough that my files weren't corrupted…

    if you have time please do comment on my entry for Noel & Levy Thanks Giving blog contest here: http://amomsfreewill.blogspot.com/2010/06/100.html

    God Bless!

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