Thong Bikini?

June 18th, 2010
I couldn’t wait for Sunday to shop for swim wears for our Boracay Island trip, so I asked the help of goggle to look for the latest trend in swim suit. Ouuucccchhh… the first design I found were Thong Bikinis! I am even hesitant to wear two-piece bikini.. how much more for a thong ! I would look like a sun goddess wearing it! Lol!

To be serious, as of now I can not decide what to wear while swimming in the crystal blue waters in Boracay. I am not so flabby but I am not really used to wearing daring and sexy swimming attire in the public. As far as I can remember , the times I was able to wear swimsuit was during my swimming lessons and during an exclusive swimming spree with the family. Aside from that I wear swimsuit under a mini short pants.. Huh!

I hope I have the guts to wear my two-piece attire when I’ll be in Boracay.

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